Grey Coutts, Self Discovery, 2016. Spray paint, acrylic, collage on canvas, 2ft by 18in. (Courtesy: Grey Coutts).

Artist Grey Coutts works with graphic design and video, but his true passion is in fine arts. Over the past few years, he has defined his artistic style and found his voice as an artist —  experimenting with drip-paint style and using different materials over the past few years led to creating what he calls some “crazy work.” 

Coutts’s work is known for its vibrant color. Through both his collage and abstract work, he delves deep into the spiritual realm, using canvas as a way to express his innermost emotions and those that he believes are relatable to others. Over the years, as his artwork has evolved, he too has evolved.  He says that he has now found confidence in both his work and himself, exploring the subject of spirituality and its relevance to both artwork and the human spirit.

Grey Coutts, The Inner Mind, 2020.  Spray paint, acrylic, on wood canvas. 27.5in by 36in. (Courtesy: Grey Coutts).

“I started discovering spirituality about 12 years ago. With that, I realized that I was not only sensing my energy but also other people’s energy and emotions. This realization changed my life — for once, I came to terms with all different emotions and thoughts that were running through me daily.” It is while he is working on a piece that he is most in tune with those emotional currents. “I use my art to interpret the things and energy around me, whether mine or someone else’s,” Coutts says. 

Grey Coutts, Bleeding Accusations, 2021. Acrylic, ink, nail polish on canvas, 2ft by 2ft. (Courtesy: Grey Coutts).

Take, for instance, his piece entitled “Bleeding Accusations,” which expresses the state of a relationship that suddenly came to a jolting halt. “Self Discovery” represents finding one’s footing after an unsettled time. The foot is symbolic of the moment of grounding. “The Inner Mind” takes on a more scientific realm, symbolizing the subconscious and conscious mind layers. Coutts notes that overall, his work evokes “the inner workings of the soul and individual journey through time and space.” Finally, his piece “Arrival” is a nod to his own spiritual awakening. “The force that is moving through the center of the piece represents the arrival of the new energy,” says the artist. 

Grey Coutts, The Arrival, 2017. Collage on canvas, acrylic, spray paint, 2ft by 1ft 6in. (Courtesy: Grey Coutts).

An admirer of Picasso and Dali, Coutts hopes to invoke a similar sense of imaginative freedom in viewers of his work. “I can look at a piece that I’ve made and know what was going on at that exact moment. When other people look at my art it fascinates me to see how it makes them feel.” He encourages that dialogue among his audience and often asks others on social media what the pieces make others feel, opening up a conversation among artists and art enthusiasts alike.